Recent projects

Air driven electronically controlled lube dispensing system

Statistics indicate contracting companies deal with an average of 12% annual discrepancies on consumed lubes due to poorly controlled inventory and distribution. Hero recently got awarded and shipped an innovative air driven lube dispensing system that was added to an existing lube shed of IBC's and barrels. An air compressor is required for this set-up that electronically controls pre-set dispensing quantities and lubes optionally linked to individually programmed user key's and authorization levels. The installed digitally controlled dispensing nozzle not only reduces the chance of spilling lubes while pouring into cans, but it dramatically improves the ability to control your inventory as well. The set-up can be extended with a display and printer. Installation was completed by a local contractor in 3 days including air compressed piping and wall mounted hose reel's. Send us an e-mail for pictures and more information about this set-up in Surinam.


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